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frangipani de ranggi
2003-08-27 - 1:03 p.m.

The last time we were in Frangipani, we were still in the Ďgetting-to-know-youí process, or what some people would say Ė first base. I was staring at my food most of the time and trying very hard to get bread crumbs out of my lips. Last night, we decided to go as man & wife, just for the fun of it. I was more comfortable with myself and less conscious and damn the dining table is still too big for my liking. The table was too large (think Little Red Riding Hood sitting on Papa Bearís dining table) for us to hold hands and too low for me to even cross my legs.

"Is this your first time here?" asked the host. We said no and he said "oh good, because last month somebody walked into our pool". Ahahah I wonder whoís the poor thang who had mistaken the pool as the floor. Tsk.

But despite the minor setbacks, Frangipani is still one of the gorgeous places to dine and to be seen. So far Iíve yet to see people that I wouldnít look once. Even the bartenders and waiters were making my lenses sizzle. Jimmy Choo was there laughing the night away with his beautiful people with beautiful shoes. Even Ku Li (the ex-politician) was there, with 20-odd strong olí fogies generating the sort of deafening laugh that comes out from the belly. Must be the champagne.

Iím not too sure what I had last night. The menu has changed, and as always the names for each starter and main course are at least 2 sentences long. For starters, we had prawn broth which looks like wantan drowned in tomato soup and grilled pigeon breast with mushroom. It was so good, until I realized I was savoring poor little pigeons butchered for the gliterati society. *5 seconds mourning* Moving along, for main course we had sol fillet (which looked normal) and marinated chicken with potato with cheese with mushroom Turkish ret-tet-tet something something haha. It tasted like over-marinated tandoori chicken though I must say I love the potato-squashed-with-cheese thing on the side. I really ought to take a copy of the menu next time.

Skipped dessert because I devoured the appetizer for two rounds (long bread with butter and some meat which I suspect are uhm, roasted duck). Yummeh.

After all the weird stuff I had last night, Iím really craving KFCís Colonel Burger today.

To YOU: Forgive me for taking my own sweet precious time to reply your beautiful e-mail. Iím lost for words. How should I reply a tender letter like that? Be patient, after all it took you 3 years to finally send me this, didnít ya? *kiss*

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