Natasya in the Sky

2004-03-22 - 1:48 p.m.

It’s always nice to get e-mails from my former Professor. I cannot help but think if I should have taken an MA in History & Civilizations instead (because I’m fuckin’ good at history damnit!). God bless him. God bless handsome!Tareq too.

As-Salam aleikoom wrwbt dear Miss ~O^O~Natasya *rmy,

Sorry for long delay of answer. But I did not open my inbox since the end of Jan, due to technical problems of URL.

Good glassed girl, loyal to lenses. Keep them on nose and check your vision maybe, I hope, you need stronger ones. Stronger are always better than weaker. My life is academic, i.e., normal. Marking, teaching, learning, writing, yelling, etc. My oldest son Khalid was was GI , al-Hamdullilah, ended his military contract in Dec 2002., before this criminal invasion of Iraq and during the occupation of fighting Afghanistan. He was in Korea. But now he continues his studies of nuclear engineering at University of N. Carolina. We will never allow ourselves to be used against our own believers.

My second son Tareq, was kin also to 'prove' himself in army, but in the war of Crusaders against Islam, of course, he cannot join troops of this war criminal Bushites. Three months ago he left for Seattle to study electronic arts.

Thus my family shrinked to wife, daughter (16) and youngest son (10). And my beloved new Russian Blue aristo-CAT 'Raisa', a high born pedigree (April 25, 2003 to mother Tzarina, father 'Yuriyi' and grandpa 'Rasputin' in Australia. I bought her with papers in Pet World, MegaMall ( 4000 RM). Lovely cat who is celebrity of all my students, because she luv to reside in office, which she treats as her own territory. Russian Blue are the most intelligent cats (Queen Victoria loved them), extremely good climbers, loyal, social and dancing felines. She 'drives' car with me.

Last year I was in Washington and I took part in demonstration against Bushmen imperialism near White House occupied by the zionist gang of fanatics. We will win the just war against their evil and lies. Dar al-Islam will be liberated from crusaders, jews and their 'muslim' puppets. But it will take time and more sacrifices. This is the course of History. Wars, revolutions, riots, falls of states and regimes are normal for every sane historian. It will be until yaum qiyamah.

Don't wear contact stickers, only glasses and have a nice day / Welcome to Raisa's office for cup of coffee.

yours, AB Kopansk*

* On an unrelated note, I saw a hit-and-run victim on my way to work today. It was said that he was driving his motorbike holding an F1 flag (you know the black and white checkered one). Yes, one would have thought he would be holding a political party flag too. And oh, Sheik Ahmed Yassin dies.

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