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Vescere bracis meis
2004-09-25 - 10:33 a.m.

It was an effing good day yesterday (minus the Estel drama). I woke up smiling, which I just realized the beauty of Valium – thou shalt wake up smiling. Talked to a few people online, made myself coffee, read some book about some monks, watched tv (what, no The Bold and The Beautiful?) and got ready for school. For once I get to wear what I would normally wear to school – jeans, flip-flops, v-neck and a messenger bag (because I normally go to class after work). Checked my wallet, I have exactly 8 bucks and some coins. Checked my account, I have RM81.52. Ah, just like in the old days when I was surviving on a student loan and at constant mercy of my parents’ money.

I’m much at ease in class right now because Feminism is much easier to understand. But please, dear classmates in pursuit of higher learning, do not corrupt my favorite word:

Fellow friends, the word Penis is pronounced PEE-NIS. 'pE-n&s Yes, it is a tool for mortal form of lust and earthly damnation but it is not a PEN. You do not pronounce it as PEN-is. Please, be kind to me. My poor heart cannot take this. Don't mess with me either, i have a minor in Phonetics & Phonology. ;p

While we’re at it, I will also not tolerate any of you who pronounce the word ‘genre’ as GEN-RAY. No, dear peasants, it should be 'zhänr. Zh Zh Zh Zhan’re. We, the city people are French like that. Like what Kanye West said in Punk’d – "I need to get to Pa-reee". Ah, I love that man.

Now altogether now, let’s pronounce ‘couture’. *snap snap* kü-'tur, yes work that tongue girlfriend, ku-tur!

Will update again later.

Today's title: Eat my shorts.

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