Natasya in the Sky

2006-03-03 - 10:36 p.m.

I saw a dead man yesterday. That’s not gonna bring me eternal bad luck or anything right? Was stuck in a traffic jam and by the time I got to the scene of the accident, I saw a man seated semi-upright, his face and arms all red, eyes staring at the sky, mouth agape with some blood coming out of his mouth. Poor guy. Maybe he’s still alive because if he’s dead then someone should have the decency to cover up the body forchrissakes.

Yes, of course I slowed down to gawk! Come on, even if you’re the poster child for ‘do not slow down to look at the scene of the accident’ campaign, you still have no choice but to slow down because you and me both know that there are hundreds of car ahead of you doing the same damn thing.

Suddenly I feel very selfish. For slowing down. It’s like not recycling because you’d think 1 recyclist (no such word) less does not make Mother Earth any sicker.

So anyway, I passed the same road today yeah? And I saw a woman sitting at the same spot probably waiting for her bf to pick her up. Man, she had NO idea a dead man was lying there the day before! Totally made my day, because I’m eccentric like that.

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