Natasya in the Sky

loving this feeling
2009-04-03 - 10:10 p.m.


I canít concentrate. I can never concentrate when the TV is blasting away, then thereís also music radiating from a PSP (I hate this device Ė I swear Iím gonna ban it from my house soon) and Iím here, trying to conjure a simple entry, a little splinter of my bloating life to be shared with the world out there.

The in-laws are still in JAL and weíve been living a nomadic life since. Tonight weíre at our home, tomorrow weíll be at the in-laws, back-and-forth back-and-forth. Itís true what they say, half of our lives are spent on the road and my endurance is running thin. Thereíll be another baby check-up next Wednesday and at 36 weeks (next week) I hope itís not too far-fetch to ask for an early break from work. But you know how it is with me and work, I wonít leave not until I get my projects off the ground. One project is set to launch on the 20th and I keep wondering if Iíll ever get to see go live.

A list! For the weekend:
1. Gonna catch a movie with Sara. I better make sure the trusty Salonpas is with me.
2. A haircut! An inch or two will do.
3. Need to get the baby cot that we wanted. Itís on sale right now at BabyJaya. Itís mine! No other expecting parents should buy it! I remember when we bought our super stroller some pregnant lady wanted the same thing like ours (because R is stroller-savvy and I think that lady was amazed by how R worked the stroller with grace haha).

Iím gonna end the list now because just by looking at it makes me want to sleep for many humid nights.

Lil Yakuza is flexing his legs right now. I love the feeling. I think this little light bulb deserves an ice-cream. Ta.

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