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boys in bed & the dead fish
2004-01-26 - 10:59 p.m.

I thought I could update sooner but I was in Japan following the LotR entourage. They had a press conference in Tokyo where that little Elwood decides to wear a black suit with hideous white woodprints on them. That boy is seriously VERY very gay. Viggo decides to wear stripey blue shirt similar to mine and Dom, ah sweet Dom, made fashion statement by wrapping a bandanna around his right hand. No scribbles on the back of his hand this time though (have you heard about the joke about the reason why he has ‘Trees' written on his hand because he’s been ‘in the WOODs’? Geddit? Okay that was a gay joke. But anyway. I thought it was funny). We seriously need to get those Queer Eye boys to fix them up a bit. Anyway, took the opportunity to see Ken Watanabe from The Last Samurai fame who took me to a Kabuki show and taught me how to roll the perfect sushi. He calls me "my sweet Kazumi" teehee.


Wohoho, now THAT would be interesting.

You see, these days I have been, what the French would call tres bored with my life. I’m getting tired of school – all those post-colonial stuff is enough to get myself locked up like a madwoman in the attic. Post-Col. Lit is even worse than learning say, Semantics or that linguistic stuff that I used to hate back in my ol’ alma mater! But I shouldn’t really be comparing lit and linguistics. They’re like, chalk and cheese, dude. This afternoon I submitted 6 pages of absolute crap on Salman Rushd*e and I can only pray that my tutor would have some mercy on me. Aegh. This semester needs to end VERY soon. I’m not sure how much ‘sense of belonging’; ‘alienation’ or ‘searching for identity’ crap I can take anymore. Le sigh.

Then I thought I was bored with Mr Mine. But I think this is just a transition I’m going through. From ‘I-don’t-mind-if-I-don’t-get-to-see-you-that-often’ phase to ‘Goddamn-it-I-need-you-24-7-bitch’ stage. Wahaha.

In addition to that, life at home has blown up the boredom-o-meter because Ramada decides to die! (yes, he really died this time). I noticed his body was getting a bit bloated the night before I left for my holiday. I thought he was pregnant or something (oh bear with me will ya) but the Mr Mine who has all the answers to the world gently retorted, "Darling, there’s no such thing as Immaculate Conception for Beta fishes". Right. The funny thing was, when he asked over the phone about what am I gonna do with Ramada while I’m away (I was hovering over the poor fish at that time) – I just said – "I’ll leave him here. He’ll live if he decides to live".

The next day, my Ramada had passed on.

I’m gonna miss his ‘royal sulk’ the most. Honestly, I didn’t expect him to last that long. Remember how mad he was when I left him at Girl’s house during my Dubai trip? My track record with pets is terrible. I’ve kept a schizophrenic black cat who wouldn’t stop getting herself knocked up by random male cats that drop by our house back in school, a stray spider in my room, Amelie my first beta fish, then the short-lived Amina that I got as my birthday present. All has gone to animal heaven. And now Ramada has left me.

Oh great, I’m getting all melancholy over a fish that cost RM1.50.


Over the holidays I’ve watched a lot of movies (thanks to the rampant illegal VCDs still selling in KB!). In a nutshell:

  1. Love Actually – Ame and Rafthah were right. Absolutely great movie. Though I thought there were too many characters. It left me with this tight knot in my tummy. The Alan Rickman & Emma Thompson characters stood out the most. I wouldn’t kick a bad-dancing Hugh Grant out of my bed.
  2. Cheaper by the Dozen – I watched this twice. And who would have thought Steve Martin could actually bring tears to my eyes? I wouldn’t kick a no-brainer Ashton Kutcher out of my bed.
  3. Ash Wednesday (2002) – Yet another Ed Burns movies. Major yawn-fest. The only scene I thought was good was when he (Burns) died in the end. Classic. Elijah Wood’s in it too. Swearing and stuff. Like, wohh hold your horses little hobbit. No one makes the word ‘f*ck’ sounds like it’s the sweetest thing to say to your mum like he does. Frodo Lives! I wouldn’t kick a foul mouth Elijah Wood out of my bed.
  4. Cold Mountain – No no no Miss Kidman ya need tuh git yer Southern drawl right first, shooger booger. Major turn-off. I wouldn’t kick a scruffy Jude Law out of my bed though.
  5. Cat in the Hat – Austin Powers dressed as a cat to lure kids into his international underage prostitution ring. Bad, bad cat! No horny cat in my bed please!
  6. The Last Samurai – Okay, this one I watched at the cinema. Good stuff. There’s a Japanese Legolas innit! Heh. Ken Watanabe is shoobedegoobidioo hot. I wouldn’t ninja-kick him out of my bed.

I’ve also watched about a quarter of the Meteor Garden II box set with my mother. Ah, the F4 boys are my mum’s favorite. You know at her age you would have thought she would have settled with a less hedonistic hobby like er, watch Rhoma Irama in concert or something but no, my mother prefers to spend her free time worrying about some pretty Chinese boy who looks better in long hair than I do! It broke her heart when the boys decided to go separate ways. Since we’re on this topic, I might as well indulge in my favorite F4 boys. I think it’s a tie between Vaness and Ken. Can’t decide. Vaness has that American spunk like Lee Hom does and Ken? Awh Ken is just that sweet ooh-mama-I-gotta-squeeze-ya wholesome goodness to him. I definitely not kick them both outta my bed.

Other I-won’t-kick-him-out-of-my-bed stuff: Diego Luna on Cinemax this February! Starring along Jon Bon Jovi, something about vampire slaying in Mexico. Er, whatever.

Aw man, all that nonsense talk about not kicking boys out of my bed is tiring me. Oh well, at least it cheered me up. Just got back from CoChine @ Bar SaVanh, had a wonderful dinner with the man that I love and came home to this, that warmed my heart even more:

Dom @ Golden Globes. Photo credit to BagEndInn

Congratulations PJ and crew.

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